ESB Portal - (400) Bad Request

When configuring the ESB Portal, sooner or later you will experience a “Bad Request” error (if you don’t, you are lucky person). As you can find out in this MSDN Forum post, this error can have multiple origins and solutions.

2014-10-21 10_56_54-The remote server returned an error_ (400) Bad Request. - Internet ExplorerAfter disabling the “customErrors” I found out that in my situation the error must have something to do with the ESB Exception Service.

When looking at the “Web.config” of the ESB.Exception.Service located in “C:\Projects\Microsoft.Practices.ESB\Source\Samples\Management Portal\ESB.Exceptions.Service\ESB.Exceptions.Service” I found out the the connection string was wrong as it was missing the SQL Instance name:2014-10-21 10_57_24-C__Projects_Microsoft.Practices.ESB_Source_Samples_Management Portal_ESB.Excepti

The general assumption of the ESB Portal is that the portal runs on a default instance… (Not very realistic if you ask me) In my situation I’m running on the “BTS” instance:

2014-10-21 10_57_56-_C__Projects_Microsoft.Practices.ESB_Source_Samples_Management Portal_ESB.Except

After saving the “Web.config”, the portal come comes to live:

2014-10-21 11_06_52-ESB Management Console - Home - Internet Explorer

I’ll end this post with some excellent resources that you can use to further investigate your problems if this post didn’t solve yours: