Could not enlist Send Port HRESULT: 0xC00CE557

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Today I stumbled upon an error in my development environment, when using the BizTalk Deployment Framework.

Could not enlist Send Port ‘X’. Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00CE557

2014-11-26 15_01_00-BizTalk Server Administration

After making some changes to my Send Ports and grouping some of them in a Send Port Group and thus also moving some filters, I exported my Binding and I updated my “PortBindingsMaster.xml” to include these changes in my automated deployment.

I was surprised by the above exception. My new binding was working, as I tested it by Importing it in BizTalk using the BizTalk Administration Console. It had to be something related to the BTDF. When looking closer to the my PortBindingsMaster.xml file, I found out that my ‘Empty Filters’ where not empty:

2014-11-26 15_04_30-Generic - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)

After replacing them with an empty Filter tag, the deployment worked again as before.


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