Building and Running the IBM mq_prometheus collector on Windows

IBM provides a sample “MQ Exporter for Prometheus monitoring” on GitHub. (the original article introducing this sample can be found here on the IBM Community site) A simple graphical overview illustrates the overall monitoring setup: The “collector” will retrieve statistics from the IBM MQ queue manager using PCF. It will expose them over HTTP to […]

BizTalk Server 2020 Developer VM in Azure

As of today, there is still no BizTalk Server 2020 Developer VM image available in Azure. So, what do we need to do to configure a developer environment in Azure? Here are some easy steps to get you up to running in no time: Disclaimer: an MSDN subscription is required to make use of developer […]

Qualities of a Highly Effective Architect

Recently I came across an excellent talk from Devoxx 2019: Qualities of a Highly Effective Architect by Venkat Subramaniam. Link to slides (PDF) In this talk, Venkat discusses 12 qualities an effective architect should have. Also, he mentions an old article by Martin Fawler called “Who needs an architect“. Both the talk and the article […]