Qualities of a Highly Effective Architect

Recently I came across an excellent talk from Devoxx 2019: Qualities of a Highly Effective Architect by Venkat Subramaniam. Link to slides (PDF) In this talk, Venkat discusses 12 qualities an effective architect should have. Also, he mentions an old article by Martin Fawler called “Who needs an architect“. Both the talk and the article […]

Run IBM MQ in Docker for local development

In a previous blogpost, I described how you can install IBM MQ on your local development machine. This is still a lot of work just to get MQ up and running… This post describes how to run IBM MQ in Docker and get you up and running in less than 5 minutes! (you should have […]

Cntlm and a corporate web proxy

When working in a corporate context, you often get confronted with a corporate web proxy. This can become very annoying when working with various command-line tools that have issues with the authentication part of that web proxy. Luckily, Cntlm can remove that friction by running a local proxy without authentication, that authenticates to the actual […]