Run IBM MQ in Docker for local development

In a previous blogpost, I described how you can install IBM MQ on your local development machine. This is still a lot of work just to get MQ up and running… This post describes how to run IBM MQ in Docker and get you up and running in less than 5 minutes! (you should have […]

Cntlm and a corporate web proxy

When working in a corporate context, you often get confronted with a corporate web proxy. This can become very annoying when working with various command-line tools that have issues with the authentication part of that web proxy. Luckily, Cntlm can remove that friction by running a local proxy without authentication, that authenticates to the actual […]

Getting started with Apache Kafka

Today I started with the excellent Pluralsight course “Getting Started with Apache Kafka“. The course is focused on using an Ubuntu test server for Kafka and a Java development environment. This blog post is a list of resources that I found helpful while exploring Apache Kafka, with a focus on the Microsoft stack. Hosting a […]