ESB Portal – (400) Bad Request

When configuring the ESB Portal, sooner or later you will experience a “Bad Request” error (if you don’t, you are lucky person). As you can find out in this MSDN Forum post, this error can have multiple origins and solutions. After disabling the “customErrors” I found out that in my situation the error must have […]

ESB Portal – Unhandled Exception

The ESB Management Portal can be frustrating to get up and running. The default error information doens’t really help you with that: When looking in the event log you might find something more helpful: Not really as you can see…¬†Better is to disable these custom errors en only show them when browsing the portal remote. […]

Create BizTalk Groups and Service Accounts with PowerShell

When installing and configuring a new BizTalk Server environment, a part of the job consist of creating a collection of windows accounts and groups. Most of the time you will not be the person that has the necessary rights in Active Directory to complete this job. Having a script that you can hand over to […]