Creating BizTalk Hosts and Host Instances with PowerShell

A common task when setting up a new BizTalk environment, is to create hosts and associated host instances. If we want to follow best practices, this means that we have to create at least four hosts (ReceiveHost, SendHost, ProcessHost, TrackingHost) and 4 host instances. Fortunately, we can automate this task thanks to the BizTalk PowerShell […]

Manage Azure VM’s with PowerShell

Microsoft Azure comes with its own set of PowerShell cmdlets to manage your Azure subscription. In this post I’ll show you how to install Azure PowerShell and how to use it to do basic but very usefull administering of you Virtual Machines in Azure. Step 1 – Install Azure PowerShell The main requirement is having […]

Azure Service Bus relay and IIS 8: Warming up WCF Services

A common scenario of using Azure Service Bus relay is when you what to expose an on-premise WCF service to a cloud application or business partner without changing your existing firewall configuration. The main challenge with this setup is related to IIS aplication activation. MSDN explains why: By default, IIS initializes a web application when […]